The Symbolism, And History Of The Orchid Tattoo

When getting a tattoo of any kind you should always do your research before getting it permanently on your skin. Orchid tattoos are no different.They’re many things you should consider when getting a tattoo. For example, the size and location. Common places are the wrist,ankle, arms and lower back. There is a lot of history behind the orchid flower that make your tattoo very unique.

Orchid Tattoo ImageThe orchid tattoos are normally common for females because it represents there feminine power. The beautiful tattoo has an appearance, that allows it to look good on any part of the body. The orchid is chosen because it has a lot of symbolism in many cultures.The flower along with women both relate with beauty that shows the reason for this symbolic tattoo. The orchid is also known to be very exotic in many cultures. In some cultures, they are even considered to be one of a kind. Some people relate this flower with being rebellious because its normally found in the wild. Orchids have some strong sexual connotations and symbolism. Some qualities the flower represent are fertility, grace, rarity and royalty. Excellent characteristics for women.

The orchid is a very attractive flower. Its really elegant to look at. This flower can be found in certain places like Germany, Africa, Egypt and China. Orchids have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine to treat a large variety of diseases. The orchid is very popular in Asian cultures because it is considered to be an aphrodisiac. They have used Orchids in China since 2800 BC for many herbal remedies. There are over 2500 species of orchids to chose from so there is plenty of variety. The three most popular known orchids are the Vanilla, Cymbidium and Dendrobium.

In some cultures, men also appreciate the orchid flower. The Aztecs were known to make drinking potions made of orchid because they believe it made them very strong and potent. Men would get this flower tattooed on them to represent potency. The word “orchid” comes from the word “Orchis” that translates into testicle. Even the color is very symbolic purple orchid means a males sexual organ.

There is a well known Greek myth of Orchis that explains the origin of these majestic plants. Orchis, the son of an ugly nymph and a satyr. He went to a festival for Dionysus in the deep forest. He became well intoxicated and made the mistake of trying to have sex with a priestess of Dionysus. The punishment for this act resulted in him being ripped into pieces by the Bacchanalians. His father asked the gods to bring him back to life. His wish was granted but not in his specific form. Instead, he was turned into a plant.

The Orchid tattoo can not only be a very beauty image to have on your body but its also rich with culture. This is a truly interesting flower; it has a lot potential to symbolize many different things. The creative aspect for orchid tattoo’s are limitless, and there is tons of room for inspiration to create great tattoo.

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