The Symbolism Behind Celtic Cross Tattoos

Many individuals get all types of tattoos that may represent different meanings or stories about themselves. Some people put a lot of thought into the tattoo that they are going to get and usually can tell a story to go along with it. Celtic cross tattoos are extremely popular for their designs and meaning behind it.

Celtic Cross Tattoos ImageCeltic cross tattoos can come in many different designs that individuals can choose from. Some may just get one because they like the way it looks. Many will get a cross tattoo just to represent their religion and their beliefs. Some may get it to help them with a peace of mind, hopeful thinking, or a positive reassurance.

The symbol of the Celtic cross represents self, nature, wisdom, and God or Goddess. Each arm is what represents those for things. A cross is a meeting place of divine energies. The center of the cross is an energetic touchstone. The Celtic cross may also represent navigation, also known as a compass. When it is looked at as a navigation tool then there are different types of navigation that it can be. One would be a spiritual navigation, a cyclical navigation, and a time navigation.

All these different reasons and types of meanings are reasons that individuals like getting these cross tattoos. They are absolutely beautiful and look great in several places on the body. Meaning individuals like to put them in places that are visible to others such as the leg or arm. Others may get the tattoo on their back or stomach, which are some places that can’t be seen at all times. They can be placed on at different sizes. Individuals may get small Celtic crosses or very large ones. The choice would be completely up to the individual.

Since there are several designs with Celtic cross tattoos, it may be hard to try to choose one. First, try to look for the exact shape of cross that you are wanting. Some crosses may have pointed edges, rounded edges, or more square edges. When you find the shape you want, then you can look at the different Celtic designs available for that shape. That will help you determine which one you are wanting to receive on your body. Tattoos are made to last a life time, so you definitely want the tattoo to speak to you and hold meaning when you receive it.

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