Top 5 Ways to Prevent Tattoo Fading

Whether you chose a vibrant, colored tattoo or a simplistic black design, all tattoos will fade over time. With proper care, and following these five tips for proper tattoo care, tattoo fading can be minimized.

Choose colors that stand out against your skin

If you’re having a color tattoo done, it’s best to choose colors that will stand bright against your skin. If a color is too close to your natural skin tone, the natural changes in skin tone may cause faster tattoo fading.

Chose a shop or artist that provides immediate aftercare.

Tattoo Faded ImageAny great artist or shop will provide you with immediate aftercare once your tattoo has been completed. A bandage should be applied by the artist and detailed care instructions given. The first three days following a tattoo are the most critical. Keep the bandage on for at least as long as advised by your artist, the time will be based on the placement and size of the tattoo. Before removing the bandage, wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap. Once the bandage is removed, apply the same soap to the tattoo, gently washing it off with water. Use water sparingly and be sure to pat the area dry, do not wipe the area. Finally, apply an aftercare balm or simple A&D ointment, also sparingly. Applying too much water or ointment can pull the color from your tattoo.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

The better you take care of you overall skin, the better chance you have of warding off fading. Make it a habit to apply a thin layer of lotion or moisturizer to not just your tattoo but your overall body. Not only will this prevent your tattoo from flaking, but your skin will look better making your tattoo stand out more. Remember to promptly remove things that shouldn’t be on your skin like oils, they can fade the color within a tattoo.

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun

Exposure to the sun is the leading cause of fading for tattoos. When you do go out in the sun, or your tattoo is exposed to its ultra violet rays through use of tanning beds, always apply sunscreen to your skin, paying close attention on your tattoo.

Avoid prolonged water saturation and chlorine exposure

While we all love swimming in pools and relaxing in a hot tub, doing so can expedite the fading process. Be sure to limit your time in the pool, even try to keep the tattoo dry if possible. This is most important in the first few weeks after your tattoo is done.

Following these five simple tips doesn’t guarantee that you won’t experience tattoo fading, but with careful attention and care, your tattoo will look newer longer. Every tattoo is different, as is every skin type. Be sure to follow these tips in the way best for you and ask your artist their professional opinion about after care and continuing care.

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