Trey Songz Tattoos: Only God Can Judge Me

Trey Songz, otherwise known as Tremaine, “Trey”, Aldon Neverson was born in November of 1984.  He is known mainly for his music, but he is also an actor. Currently he has released five albums:

I Gotta Make It (2005)

Trey Day (2007)

Ready (2009)

Passion, Pleasure, Pain (2010)

Chapter V (2012)

Trey Songz Tattoos ImageThough music and acting pay the bills, Trey Songz is also known for his elaborate tattoos. Each tattoo is different and each has its own meaning behind it. The tattoos are as much a part of the singer’s personality as his music is.

Trey Songz’ tattoos are many. The first simply read “Only God Can Judge Me.” He was only seventeen and he was new to the music business. With fame comes scrutinizing judgement. Trey may have been trying to use the tattoo as a defense mechanism from the criticism he received from the media and the public. He has admitted in interviews that he was not really impressed by the tattoo because of the simple design and quotation, but he admits that the same meaning holds true today. No one can judge him but the almighty himself. As with many artists, the sight of the tattoo can remind him to no falter when other people judge him.

Another one of the first Trey Songz tattoos is a tribute to his mother. On his left breast is tattooed: “To God I pray, may April’s showers, rain on her Forrest, and grow the strengths, that started with one Rose” This dedication to his mother, Rose, is heart felt as Trey wanted to honor his mother in memorandum. He wishes that the cooling spring rains would nourish his mother’s endeavors and to let the world know that his mother was a part of his strength and success.

On Trey’s right shoulder is a tattoo of a cluster of women that had raised him. Trey has a strong sense of family and he wanted to honor the women in his life. This shows a deep respect for women and their trials and tribulations of raising a young African American boy and all the work they went through to make him the man he is today.

One of Trey Songz tattoos that is really symbolic is on the outer part of his wrist. It is a tattoo of the sun emerging from a storm cloud. This could be a duality meaning with the storm representing evil and the sun representing good, but it is more clearly defined as coming through the tempest and finding the sun on the other side.

All tattoos should have meaning, and as with Trey Songz tattoos, they should tell the story of one’s life. The tattoos that Trey wears is like a living tapestry on his life, his troubles, his love, and his loses. As with his music, the tattoos portray emotion, beauty, and tragedy at the same time. The old saying that ‘he wears his heart on his sleeve’ is apparent with every tattoo on his body.

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