True Spider Web Tattoo Meanings

There are multiple meanings for the spider web tattoo. Most people are misinformed and associate this tattoo with the wearer either killing someone, or for the years they were in prison.

That is not the case, although there may be some out there with that as a meaning.

A spider web tattoo has been around for a long time, in Japan a spider web in the day time signifies good luck, however the same spider web at night translates to bad luck.
The spider web is mentioned in the bible in job 8:14.“What he trusts in is fragile; what he relies on is a spider’s web.”  Many people get the web tattoo to signify delicate beauty, or how delicate life can be.

Spider Web Tattoo ImageThe meaning originally in the tattoo world the feeling of being caught up or feeling trapped.  later in the late 60’s, early 70’s racist groups started getting the tattoo after the attack or kill of a minority, this as well transpired over to the gang world. A rival member had to be killed to get the spider web tattoo.

But today, the symbol is not as it was in the dreary days of the 70’s, it can represent many things. I myself have a spider web tattoo, I never killed anyone, went to prison or anything that it used to stand for.

I used to be a drinker, i drank until i could not function as a person and became a complete idiot. I chose to do this and created my own web that i had to escape from. I stopped drinking and the tattoo to me is just a reminder that if i went back to that lifestyle, i could easily become caught up in my own web again.

Don’t fall victim to societies beliefs of what is right and what is wrong, be a individual and express yourself freely, if it is with a spider web tattoo, then let it have the meaning that you want it to have. Be a free thinker…..

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