Unique Tattoo Ideas: Meaningful and One of a Kind

If you have tattoos are thinking about tattoos, you want to have unique tattoo ideas. A tattoo should be meaningful, but it should also be unique or one of a kind. It is easy to go into a tattoo shop and pick out a cool tattoo, but to research the design you have in mind and have the tattoo artist design it for you is a more rewarding experience. Your imagination and creativity drive the project, not a stencil on the wall. You want this to be your tattoo that is unlike anything you or the tattoo artist has seen.

You might want to start by looking at a tattoo that is done already to stir those creative juices. You can go on the Internet and find a plethora of tattoo pictures to browse through. Find an idea you like, change it, and make it your own. For example, if you see a tattoo of a Celtic cross, think of how that cross can be changed or combined with other tattoos. Celtic cross tattoos are worn by a lot of people, but the way you create yours will be unique.

Unique Tattoo Ideas ImageThe Celtic cross is a great stand-alone tattoo, but ideas of snakes withering around the cross would make it unique. Anything that can be wrapped around the cross can be used. This could be vines from a rose bush, barbed wire, or something as unique as a garland of flowers. The background of the cross can also be one of your unique tattoo ideas. Have a sunset or sunrise in the back ground of the cross. Even if you pick out a basic cross design, the background can be filled with color and imagination.

Another simple tattoo that most people have is a heart with the word “mom” tattooed within it. This is very common and would not constitute a unique tattoo idea. The word could be changed to another loved one or could even have a quote or line from a song in its stead. The outline of the heart can be fractured or broken. The color could be the opposite of the run of the mill red, like orange, blue, or purple. The background could be anything you desire and, like the cross, you could outline the heart or intertwine it with flowers or something darker.

You are an individual. You are unique. So why does your tattoo have to be common. The meaning behind your tattoo should match the style that you create. If you are going for something dark, a few bats or other creatures of the night can be added. If you are sticking to the light side, something funny or cute could be added. What you add should also match your personality. If you are a quiet, dark person who likes a little of the macabre, then a dark tattoo would fit you. If you are personable, like fun things, and have a good sense of humor, then a cute tattoo should be your choice.

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