Unique Tattoo Ideas Show Off Your Independence

When you decide on a tattoo you want it unique and individual. The idea of a tattoo is to come up with something that nobody else has or a combination of common tattoos that make the entire body art unique. Coming up with unique tattoo ideas can be difficult, but with a little effort, that once in a lifetime tattoo idea will arise. First, think of something you are really passionate about. This could your faith, a favorite character in a book or on television, or the branch of military that you served in. The passion for the item or concept can then be transferred to a tattoo.

Once you have that item or concept in your mind, go on the Internet and look and see if there is a tattoo that already exists. Just put the word tattoo into a Google search bar and hit images. This will bring up literally thousands of pictures of tattoos that have already been created and inked. Here you might find the one tattoo that models your unique tattoo idea. If you can, print it out. It will be easier for a tattoo artist to replicate the picture if you have a clear printout of what you want.

Unique Tattoo Ideas Tree ImageThe next step is to find your tattoo artist. Ask around and find friends who have unique tattoos and ask them where they got their work done. If this doesn’t work, do a google search and find a tattoo shop in your area and talk to the artist and see if he or she can meet your needs. Most artists are cool with unique tattoo ideas and love to ink something new. As with other professions, tattooing the same old tribal tattoo or mom tattoo can be tedious and they would love for a chance to try something new.

When looking for a shop that fits your needs, see what ideas that artist has. They might be able to elaborate on your idea and make the tattoo truly unique. They have skills with color and needle gauge that could make your tattoo into a one of a kind masterpiece. Color is important in a tattoo because if you have the same design or get your tattoo idea from a template, the color will make it uniquely yours. Also ask the artist where on the body to ink the design. A run of the mill design can be unique if it is on an unusual part of the body.

Once you get that unique tattoo idea inked, remember to spread the word about the artist if you like the tattoo. Most tattoo shops advertise by word of mouth and the artist’s reputation. So pay it forward and let everyone know where you got that unique tattoo and who inked it. If your tattoo is truly unique, then it will be an advertisement on its own. You do not just own a unique tattoo, but you are a walking advertisement for the shop, the artist, and the work that they can do.

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