Wedding Band Tattoos: Taking the Ring One Step Further

When people exchange rings in a marriage, it is a symbol of their love but also a message to the world that you are taken. The metal rings can tarnish, chip, crack, or become lost. A more practical and inexpensive alternative to the traditional diamond, gold, platinum, or silver ring is wedding band tattoos. These are tattoos that are inked around your ring finger to show the world that you are married. The tattoos will be there forever and cannot be lost down a sink or broken or chipped. The tattoos also cannot be taken off for an affair or a chance to cheat.

Wedding Band Tattoos ImageCareful consideration should be taken before you choose wedding band tattoos. These tattoos are forever so it is wise to be tattooed with someone you consider a soul mate. If something goes bad within a relationship, the tattoos are still there, though the marriage may be over. This could lead to expensive tattoo removal or it could be just an embarrassing reminder that the person who you thought would be with you the rest of your life was a mistake. This is a tattoo for both sides of the marriage, so it should a joint decision made with a lot of thought.

Wedding band tattoos can be designed in almost any fashion you wish. This could be a simple wedding band for the male or it could be a complex design with traditional gems tattooed for the woman. Gems could be any color and shape in contrast to the real gem which is, pardon the pun, set in stone. Diamonds, rubies, opals, and jade can be represented by several gem designs and then colored in with whatever color that appeals to you. This could create fantastic, one of a kind designs and color patterns that could over shadow even the real ring.

The cost of wedding band tattoos is far less than a traditional ring. By custom, a woman wears an engagement ring and a wedding ring. The diamond is usually the gem that is chosen for the engagement ring and with that diamond comes a huge investment. Gold and silver prices are soaring and the cost of even a modest engagement and wedding ring can set a person back several months’ salary.  In today’s economy, that is detrimental to most any budget. The tattoos would cost a couple of hundred dollars while traditional rings would cost several thousands.

Sometimes, when you are starting out, the wedding band tattoos can be a cheaper alternative. As you advance in your career, become older, and more financially stable, real rings could be bought and could cover the tattoos. This would be fitting for an older couple who have the finances to finally buy the ring that they always wanted. The second benefit would be that when they take off the traditional rings, the tattooed rings would remind them of the eternal love and devotion they had for each other when they started out.

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