Wedding Ring Tattoos, The New Alternative

While some may choose to show their commitment with an expensive white gold or platinum wedding ring, others are choosing a less expensive yet more permanent option. Wedding ring tattoos are growing in popularity, especially with the increase of celebrities that are posting pictures of theirs on their social media accounts. Traditional diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, while beautiful, do not have the permanence of a tattoo, which signifies true lifelong commitment. Even if an individual or couple has no other tattoos on their body, a wedding ring tattoo is a special symbol of everlasting love.

Wedding Ring Tattoos ImageMany individuals will have both a wedding ring tattoo and a wedding ring. However, many choose to let the tattoo shine on its own. The most popular choice for wedding ring tattoos is the name of the significant other around the ring finger. From afar, the tattoo looks like an actual ring, however when the viewer comes up close, they will see the name, which is usually done in a beautiful script. Some may choose to enhance the name of their spouse with a simple design or embellishment. Some may even choose to have the tattoo depicted as an actual diamond ring, with the name of their spouse perhaps “engraved” on the underside of the finger. There are so many options available, and it is important to thoroughly research designs and tattoo artists before making a final decision.

Wedding rings are material objects that can be lost or damaged, but a wedding ring tattoo lasts forever. Couples can commemorate the occasion by going to the tattoo shop together and having the tattoos done simultaneously. Wedding ring tattoos signify lifelong commitment, as a tattoo lasts virtually forever. It is important for individuals with these tattoos to take good care of them, especially right after they have been done. Like any tattoo on the hand or finger, a wedding ring tattoo is susceptible to blur or fade after too much hand washing. A well preserved wedding ring tattoo will last well into old age, and will always be there when an actual ring cannot, such as in the shower or doing household chores. A wedding ring tattoo is never forgotten at home or left by accident in a public bathroom, which is why it is the true symbol of love, loyalty and commitment.

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