What is the Meaning Behind Virgin Mary Tattoos?

Tattoos have become somewhat of a commonplace these days. We often wonder what some of them actually mean. The Virgin Mary tattoos are not any different. It’s a tattoo that has a long standing among enthusiasts. Mainly it represents love and faith. But what else does it represent? What are the meanings behind some of the most popular tattoo fixtures that you see on people’s bodies?

Virgin Mary Tattoos ImageWell as I stated, many use Virgin Mary tattoos to symbolize faith and love, as well as the feminine symbol. But what else is behind this? Many of these icons date back to the churches. There were various paintings and iconography that hung, and still hang in churches today. These tattoos are just a symbol of that. But it’s also more than that. They also symbolize the mother and the wife. It reminds their partner that their loved ones are waiting at home for them. It’s also been used by seafarers. If you think about it, life at sea can get rather tough and lonely. A person can spend days and months, even years away from home. This is a reminder to them of a life that was left behind. Not only a life that was left behind, but a life that is waiting for them to come back to.

In the Catholic church it is seen as a symbol of hope and prayer, especially in times of trouble. These tattoos represent many hours of prayer and dedication towards eliminating the trouble. She is seen as a beacon of hope and comfort, in times like these. It’s also a sign that no matter how hard and tough some things get, there is always going to be a way out. So many wear these tattoos as a symbol of that hope. It’s a way to let others know that God is working in their lives.

There are many sightings of the Virgin Mary. It represents a miracle coming true. If someone wears Virgin Mary tattoos it’s a sing that the miracle will occur. Mary is well- known for standing at the foot of the cross cradling her son, soon after he died. This gesture and symbol of love and affection has been the inspiration to so many artists over the years. Which is why it’s made it’s way heavily into the tattoo world. These tattoos are some of the most requested work by tattoo enthusiast. Men and women alike crave the Virgin Mary. We all need something to believe in. So this is just an outlet for the belief. There are many who don’t go to church, but they still believe in a life that is beyond this space and time. They believe in the Bible itself. These tattoos are just an extension of that belief. The next time you go into a tattoo shop ask the people in there what sort of work they do. You can have both small and large symbols put on. So ask and see what they offer.

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