Wolf Tattoos; A Symbol Of The Night

Wolf tattoos are a symbol of the night. A hunter, a loner, or a pack animal, the wolf portrays fear, awe, and beauty. The howl of the wolf is a lonesome, yet frightening sound that carries through the night and instills fear in all that hear it.

If you find the romantic allure of the beast to akin to your own personality, then wolf tattoos could be the right thing to show the world that you are a true creature of the night.

Wolves are customarily associated with the wild, dark night. These spectacular canines are often pictured howling at the moon or prowling on the hunt. A tattoo representing these traditional images shows that the wearer sees themselves as one with pack, or the opposite, a hunter alone. Though dark in concept, wolf tattoos can be beautiful and alluring. Inked with the proper background and color, the tattoo can be a work of art and one of nature.

Wolf Tattoos ImageA wolf howling in front of a full moon is an enticing tattoo that could draw attention. Made famous from the Twilight series of books and movies, the tattoo has become popular with the fan base. It is not gender specific. Any gender can wear the wolf as a symbol of their wild streak or just out of pure respect for the animal. With a well done tattoo, one can almost feel the cold of the night and the excitement of the hunt as the wolf call the pack in for a kill.

If you are a tribal tattoo fan, the howling head of a wolf can be interwoven into most tribal tattoo designs.  Other poses include the wolf running, fighting, leaping, or a female wolf lying with her cubs. Woven with the tribal design, it gives the tattoo an ancient feel and perception.

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