Wrist Tattoo Ideas; Snakes, Bracelets, Celtic Designs, Corsages and Watches

The wrist is sometimes forgotten as a canvas for ink when thinking about tattoos. Wrist tattoo ideas are hard to come by, but with a little research you can find that perfect tattoo to cover this area of the body. The wrist is usually seen even if you wear long sleeves, so be selective in your search to have something tasteful, yet something you want.

Wrist Tattoo Ideas; Bracelets

TheWrist Tattoo Ideas Snake Image bracelet tattoo is just what it sounds like, a bracelet. You can have the bracelet in either a solid metal or chain design. The tattoo could look like a piece of jewelry or you can have a tribal tattoo design that would encompass the wrist like a bracelet. Here you imagination is the limit to what you can have to encircle your wrist.


A really cool tattoo design is having a snake or multiple snakes encircle your wrist. On the top or bottom of your wrist, you can have a snake eating its tail. The head would start the design and the body of the snake would go around your wrist. As the body encircles the wrist, it would end with the snake’s tail in its own mouth.


Wrist Tattoo Ideas Celtic ImageCeltic knot designs is one of the wrist tattoo ideas that are very popular. The Celtic knots are intertwined around the wrist to give the look of primeval jewelry or a medieval bracelet. This is very tasteful and would accent the wrist and whatever sleeve of the shirt or blouse that it comes in contact with.


The corsage wrist tattoo is not for everybody. A corsage is a flower worn around the wrist and is traditionally given to a young woman during prom. The tattoo of the corsage could be the flower of choice on top of the wrist with a simple black band encircling the wrist to make it look authentic. The tattoo artist would have to be very careful to make this look realistic, so choose your artist well.

A Watch

Wrist Tattoo Ideas WatchThe watch wrist tattoo is something that is pretty fun. It is a tattoo of a watch face on top of your wrist and the band will encircle the wrist. The watch can be set to a time that is meaningful for you. It could be set at 4:20 to show that you support National Pot Day or you could set it at the time of your birth or your child’s birth.

When looking for wrist tattoo ideas search the image tab of your search engine using the keywords “wrist tattoo ideas.” This will give a plethora of ideas for you to choose from. If you are thinking about getting a full sleeve or half sleeve tattoo in the future, make sure that the wrist tattoo idea that you have will go with the overall design. The wrist is also a sensitive place for a tattoo. Make sure that you have a high pain threshold because some of the skin of the wrist is very close to the bone which might cause some discomfort.

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