You Are Not a Momma’s Boy if You Have a Mom Tattoo

She gave you life. She gave you love. She whipped your butt when you needed it. She is your mom.  Why not honor with a Mom tattoo? That’s right, give the gift of forever by having a mom tattoo inked on your skin. She might balk about you getting a tattoo or another, but once she sees her name on your body, she will know that you really appreciate her. It is a gift of honor that lasts forever.

Most traditional mom tattoos just has the word, “mom” tattooed within a banner, ribbon, or rose. Though these are popular, you can create your own mom tattoo with a little flair and beauty that will truly represent the way you feel about the old gal.  She is unique and let the tattoo represent that uniqueness.

Don’t think you will be called a Momma’s Boy if you get this kind of tattoo. Bikers, military men, and even a few ladies have honored their mother this way. After nine months carrying you, years of dealing with your crying and whining, and more years taking care of you, she deserves her name etched for all to see.

Mom Tattoo ImageUnique designs of this tattoo are available but you can design one yourself. Some people use the word ‘mom’, but ‘mama’ and ‘mommy’ have also been inked. You can even go for the British version of ‘mum’. Once the title is picked, pick a unique tattoo to accompany it. Maybe the Virgin Mother and Child, or an angel protecting a child. The colors of the tattoo are important also.

It might be thoughtful to have your mother’s favorite color as the backdrop or in the word itself. Mom brought you into to this world, now thank her in a unique way.

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