Your Ultimate Guide to Capricorn Tattoo Designs

Capricorn Tattoo Designs ImageCapricorn tattoo designs are now becoming a hot trend among millions, especially the ones who were born under this earthy sign. This sign combines two elements, earth and water. All those who are born under this sign are dependable and strong. If you are born under this sign there’s no better way to say that loud than by getting it tattooed on some part of your body!

Capricorn sign is ruled by the planet Saturn and is represented by the sea goat. A survivor and valiant warrior of violent ocean waves, the Capricorn represents courage and strength with power. Capricorn warns of death and immediate rebirth and its ultimate weapon is sting that comes straight out of its tail. In most Capricorn tattoo designs, the most prominent part is the horns. Common among both female and male, this design is often placed on the body parts that are exposed to the plain view.


The basic layout of Capricorn tattoo design is like the combination of numbers six and seven. Meshing of these two numbers forms an interesting ancient design. Even when it is inked using just one color it still radiates a formidable shape. Just imagine how much better this design can get if you are bit creative. You can find lots of inspiration on the Internet, but always try to add a little bit of your own idea to avoid duplication.

Either peeking through the shirt’s sleeve or showing completely, all those’ who’ve opted for capricorn tattoo make sure that they are seen. Females like to have them on their lower back, or on the ankle while males love them on their shoulder or right at the back of their neck where its tail is visible to others. For them this symbols serves as a forewarning and also boosts their ego.

You can find these capricorn tattoo designs in range of colors and patterns and can choose one depending upon needs and preferences. These days, tribal designs are very popular and come with a rough and tough colorful look, which is unique. You should do some research before getting your Capricorn tattoo done. Aside from some extra knowledge that you can share during your conversation about tattoo with the artist, you’ll also rid yourself of the agony of deciding on the wrong design or spot that you knew very little about.

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