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Learn How To Tattoo DVD VideosEver wanted to become a tattoo artist? Perhaps making a little cash on the side doing ink for friends, family and so on? Or saving a little bread by putting that little flower on your thigh with your own two hands? Maybe you simply have an interest in tattooing and would like to learn more about the process? Maybe you want to find a few great tattoo ideas?

Welcome to Insane Tattoo Products. Founded in 2007, we’re a leader in the tattoo industry, supplying tools, kits and educational resources of all types to artists both novice and professional. Our goal is to make sure every artist that picks up a machine is primed to do the best possible job and produce create fantastic tattoo ideas. And the only way to accomplish that is to know exactly what they’re doing and having the best possible tools the market has to offer to do it!

Early History

Attempting to trace tattooing to a specific period in recorded history is going to be quite a chore. There’s evidence it existed in ancient Greenland, Egypt, New Zealand and Siberia. Adventurer Captain Cook first encountered tattoo art in the South Pacific in 1769. Word got out and tattoo art spread throughout America and Europe. This helps explain why tattoos are so popular among seamen.

Yet it goes back thousands of years before that. A mummified body that dates back to 3300 BC has skin marks believed to be tattoos. Tattoo ideas and designs have been found on Nubian and Egyptian mummies dated 2000 BC. Authors of classic literature have mentioned tattoos in cultures as diverse as the Greeks, ancient Germans and Britons, Gauls and Thracians.

By the 1900s, the first electric tattooing machine was developed, based on Thomas Edison’s electric pen. Today’s tattoo gun is based on the basic components of that device: moving coils, needle bar and tube. It’s believed Chatham Square in New York City is the birthplace of the American tattoo. A seaport at the time, the area attracted the working class looking to engage in the new craze.

Services and Products

When it comes to tattoo designs and implementing this art, Insane Tattoo Products has a responsibility to its customers. That’s to make sure anyone that chooses to try their hand at it does so with a firm understanding of what they’re getting into. That they know about kits, machines, power supplies, accessories, etc. We strive to show our customers, novice and professional, the best, most practical and safest ways to go about this exacting and detailed endeavor.

Tattoo DVDs

This is the place to start. Insane Tattoo Products has a series of educational products at reasonable prices that will help you get started or improve your skill with tattoo designs. There’s the Beginner to Intermediate Level and the Advanced Tattooing Multi-Disc DVD Set. From there get detailed and informative instruction on rotary tattoo machines, black and gray portrait tattooing and body piercing. We urge anyone with a growing interest in this field to take advantage of these learning tools. If you want to know where to begin, give us a call and one of our reps will be happy to help you.

Tattoo Courses

The difference between these courses and our educational DVDs? These are actual online instructional classes with a experienced artist who will walk you through everything from beginner skills like technique and drawing development to aftercare and health risks. Learn the best and most effective ways for getting an apprenticeship and certification. Get details on how to build a portfolio, a key component to getting work. These are well crafted courses developed to get you started on a proven track.


Without the proper tools, what’s the point? Insane Tattoo Products has everything an artist could possibly need for tattoo designs. We’ve partnered with some of the most respected manufacturers in the tattoo industry to ensure only the best gets to you. Choose from a variety of stencil machines. We have the best kits that Rotary Machine and King Coil has to offer. We carry an exceptional inventory of ink. Go with the starter kit of 7 or 10 bottles. We also have a 40 bottle of Kori Sumi set of ink. Our tattoo tips are stainless steel and promise long lasting and professional results.


The arm rest is a critical component to the process. The artist has to make their customer comfortable, yet keep them still for a lengthy amount of time. The right piece of furniture that promises to accomplish that task has to be selected carefully. We have a set of tattoo arm rests to choose from.


The potential risk when utilizing needles can never be underestimated. We ship our sterile piercing needles by airmail and DHL to ensure they get to you quickly and safely. We have packages with as few as 50 needles and up to 10,000. We also have a body piercing DVD set of instructional videos. Learn the appropriate and responsible approach for sterilization, using needles, specific body part piercing (lower lip, septum, tongue, navel, etc.), preparing the area and tools, and more. This is an extensive educational system and should be studied with care before embarking on piercing of any kind.

Insane Tattoo Products

Insane Tattoo ProductsWith free worldwide shipping on most of our products, Insane Tattoo Products wants to be your go to spot for tattoo designs, books, supplies, machines and education. We’re constantly updating our inventory, making sure we always have the latest and most advanced tools and resources. We live on feedback. Hearing from our customers helps us build our reputation as a company that provides top notch and unparalleled customer service.

As lovers of tattoo art ourselves, we look forward to the future. We look forward to introducing new artists to the world of tattooing, guiding them to be responsible and exciting representatives of this field. We look forward to showing the experienced artist the newest tools. We want to help everyone that wants to learn to tattoo to do it like a pro. From our online courses to educational DVDs to our stencil machines, power supplies and tattoo ink, and freaking awesome tattoo ideas, Insane Tattoo Products is ready to put you on the road to tattoo success.

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I have only now been tattooing for a very short time and watched Miami Ink religiously to learn anything I could, until coming across the International School of Body art.  Al Ray, Queensland, Australia see more here...

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